Helping to eliminate the excuses (part 1)

Airfare, hotel costs, rental car fees, food, and miscellaneous costs. It could easily cost over a thousand dollars for some of you to come back to the reunion.

Don’t let the cost scare you away!

I’ll give you a few options to help minimize or eliminate the cost of flying to come back.

There are a few ways you could look at tackling the daunting airfare expense …

Option #1.

Estimate the cost and divide that number by 4 so you know what amount you’d need to save over the next four years. That was easy, but the money will still come out of your pocket.

Option #2.

Do you have a preferred airline?

Did you know nearly all, if not all, airlines have credit cards that help you earn points towards flights?

I can speak toward the programs for Southwest and American Airlines, but I know Frontier, United, Delta, and Jet Blue all have airline credit cards.

Before you get defensive and wonder why I’m suggesting you get a credit card, hear me out.

If you have internet, cable, DirecTV or dish, utilities, and buy groceries and gas, why not make your money work for you? If you pay these bills now through on-line banking or by check, are you getting anything (points or miles) in return for spending that money? If not, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Most airline cards offer enough bonus points for at least 1 free round-trip flight in exchange for you spending a specified amount of money over a 3 months timeframe.  For example, right now, Southwest is offering 40,000 points if you spend $1,ooo in 3 months.  You’re going to spend it anyway, why not get the points for it?

Option #3.

Do you fly for work? Do you do a lot of personal travel and mostly use one airline? Don’t want a credit card, but would love to earn points?

You may be able to become a reward member for your favorite airlines.

What does being a reward member mean?  It means you have an opportunity to earn points when you fly.

How much does it cost? The best part is, being a reward member costs you $0.00.  And you don’t need a credit card for this program.  However, not all airlines participate in a program like this.  But for those that do, you can enjoy the perks of membership.

 The good news is, you have time to figure out what’s best for you. I hope this helps.


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