9 more days until 2017

As we navigate through the next few days, we’ll celebrate one or more of the Holidays – Hanukkah, Christmas, and/or Kwanzaa.

Some of us will be scrambling and shopping to get last minute gifts and buying food for family dinners. While some of us will have the unfortunate task of standing in long lines to return or exchange unwanted or defective items.

And by the time the next 9 days have passed, we will be in a new year.  We will have reached 2017.

Did you make any New Year resolutions yet? Do you have a long list of them?

Have you ever wondered why we put ourselves through the ritual of making resolutions each year? And how many of us actually fulfill them? Or do we set out with the best of intentions, yet fail to meet them year after year?

To help you with your resolution planning this coming year, and to add a little humor to the stress of the holidays, here are some tips from John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight.  In this video, he’s offering a few tips on keeping true to your New Year’s resolutions — which you’re probably on your way to failing as you read this (from The Huffington Post).


Happy New Year!

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