February already?

Where is the time going?

We just celebrated ringing in 2017, now we’re 1 month down in 2017 and 11 months away from 2018.  Before we know it, it will be 2021! We only have 4- 1/2 more years!

Trust me, I’m not rushing it. The faster we get there, the older we all become. And although getting older is a great thing, because the alternative sucks, I’d like to get there slowly.

I also like having time to plan and save for this amazing opportunity to see you all!  My 1981 West High school classmates.

Remember I told you all about Southwest reward points?  I’m inviting you all to check out this offer as a way to help offset the cost of airfare, if you need to fly.  Even if you don’t need to fly to Iowa, maybe you’d like to use the points for another vacation. And why not earn points to fly for paying bills you have to pay anyway?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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