Memorial to classmates lost

So many things have happened
Since they were called away.
So many things to share with them
Had they been left to stay.
And now on this reunion day,
Memories do come our way.
Though absent, they are ever near,
Still missed, remembered, always dear. ~
Author Unknown~

Chuck Bahl

Roger Baumgartner

Connie Carpenter

Bob Chapman

Doug Connor

Doug Crisman

MaryAnn Dahl

Fred Ebitino

Kimberly Eide

Barry Elliott

Julie Glass

Kimberly Halbmaier

Lynn Kobliska

Donnette La Fevre

Sheila Lovejoy

Alan Meyer

Beverly Miller

Jackie Mosley

Penny North

Dixie Pierce

Joe Reiter

Jeff Stabenow

Wendy Stapella

Carmen Strong

Tamara Taylor

Eric VanPelt